Do you have a killer number of customers coming into your business every day and suddenly have to change your company name and identity? We’ve got you covered. Changing your brand while holding the attention of your target audience is a tough pill to swallow, unless you collaborate and make it happen. We worked with the client to identify elements of the food that they serve and why customers keep coming back for more.

Logo + icon design
Brand guidelines
Window slicks
In-store decals
Video Production

By working together, we came up with the tagline: “Real Food That Loves You Back.” People weren’t tied to the name of the business, they appreciated the food that was served and that it truly loved them back. As long as that was exuded in the name, look and feel of the restaurant both in person and on the web, the dirty details behind the transition would go unnoticed and the thought behind the brand would be appreciated more than ever.

Now it’s time to go love on some organic superfoods that have a HeartBeet.