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Enjoli Izidor

Creative Director

Enjoli Izidor

Fun Facts:

  • She trims her own hair every week.
  • Her great grandma on her mom’s side was supposed to come to the US on the Titanic and missed the boat.
  • Her bike is named Cherry and she rode her from Seattle to Portland twice, and up to Vancouver BC once. (STP and RSVP Rides.)
  • She's lived in 7 different countries / Played pro basketball in Europe


Enjoli joined us in 2015 and has been a shining presence ever since. With a vibrant past that includes a degree from Stanford and a pro-basketball career in 6 different countries before finding her graphic design calling once back in her hometown, having Enjoli on the team brings nothing but joy. As Creative Director, Enjoli oversees the development of all visual design elements we create for clients. Enjoli’s favorite part of branding & design is the problem-solving element: treating each project like a puzzle and figuring out which pieces to keep and which need a refresh in order to tell the client’s story in the most compelling way.

Enjoli is passionate about giving back to her community, specifically through a fundraiser that she co-founded called Ring Around the Needle, helping fight ALS in honor of a dear friend. In her free time she likes to snowboard, go on long bike rides, make art, thrift shop and go to concerts & art shows with rad people.

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