Project Description

We were approached by 3 women who were working out of an old swimming pool commercial space in Bellevue and had no idea what the term ‘boot toppers’ even meant. The second we got a tour of their space and what they were doing, we knew we had to work with them immediately. They were way too fun and had something coming that was going to be big. The second that they told us their slogan was ‘Cute & Sexy Up Top, and Comfy Ugly Down Below,’ we couldn’t hold the reigns back on helping them create a brand story from the ground up that rocks.

After thousands of dollars in sales, social media campaigns gone wild and holiday specials that break the internet, we couldn’t be more proud to call Little Boot Peep our client, our family and our friends. This Case Study is a snapshot of the type of client we aim to work with; those that hug us when we walk in the door and those who are left with creative marketing solutions fulfilling and surpassing their company’s potential!

Project Details